why it matters

The importance of “TIME & TRANSPARENCY” as determining factors

The CheckinLine platform is based on ‘queuing theory’, which provided inspiration for an online process that accurately reflects expectations of society.

There are two main factors that determine the fairness of a physical lining up process; time and transparency. That is, the more of my time I spend in line, the more deserving I am of gaining access, and, I can see how long the line is and can therefore determine if it is worth my time to wait in line.

  • TIME – The ‘length of time’ spent in a real queue becomes a ‘moment in time’ spent online with CheckinLine (a.k.a the ‘check-in’).
  • TRANSPARENCY – Users are updated with their position on the CheckinLine platform and can decide whether to return for their next check-in or not.

Fans love CheckinLine because they know where they are in line and are in control of how they spend their time. They know that the more committed they are, the better off they’ll be.

There’s an important psychological element to a real world lining up process that only CheckinLine can replicate in the online world.

Through CheckinLine, we generated more data in one week than we have all year about our fans’ interests and affinity
— Director of Ticketing, Arizona State University